A (Single-A) Baseball Division:

The A division shall consist of player members who are age league 8 and those that are league age 9 that have not been drafted in either the AA or AAA Minor players draft. All league age 9 players must participate in a skills assessment prior to the start of the season. Players age 8 can only be placed on a Single-A team, will not participate in the skills assessment, and are not eligible for placement on a tournament team.

This level is intended to bridge the gap between Rookies and AA Minors, providing younger players a more appropriate atmosphere in which to develop. Coaches focus on the reinforcement of fundamentals including catching, proper throwing motion, base running and a strong emphasis on hitting by developing proper swing mechanics. Players will also learn basic pitching skills and fundamentals at this level. An emphasis will be placed on learning the rules of baseball and strategies of the game. 

The Division Director will form teams based primarily on location and school enrollment and every effort will be made to balance the player skill level equally among the teams.